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What is Functional Range Release Treatment?

Now that we have evaluated your entire body's movement capabilities, we will begin to reestablish direct communication between your brain and your joints using the best medicine on the planet: movement! Using Functional Range Conditioning principles, you will regain freedom of movement, improve joint health, decrease pain, and mitigate injury all while learning more and more about how your specific body interprets movement...and how to self-correct it if needed. Movement/manual therapy follow ups may or may not include Functional Range Release manual techniques as the most important thing is first getting you to be more aware of your movement options.

If physical therapy has failed, you're tired of going to the chiropractor 3 times a week, or you were told that surgery is your only option, this is for YOU. Great for current/ chronic pain and recurring injuries or even if you have NO current complaints and just want to MOVE BETTER and LEARN AOUT YOUR BODY!