Request a 1-on-1 Joint Mobility Session


Request an appointment for joint mobility training with a fully certified specialist in functional range conditioning. Mobility combines strength, flexibility, and most importantly: control over your joints’ movement. Check out this page for all the benefits of functional range conditioning.

How do I get started?

Click the button below out the form for one on one mobility training. Our first session will be an assessment of each joint, and then from there we will pick the 3 joints that could use the MOST help and we will focus on those for 8-12 weeks. Sessions can be performed at my office in back bay, at AAPT (my private gym), or outside! 

What is FRC (Functional Range Conditioning)?

  • Gives you increased joint strength which ultimately will bullet proof your joints and make them more resilient

  • Gives you more mobility and access to your joint’s FULL ranges motion, making you strong at any angle, prepared and protected  for any movement 

  • Increased nervous system control over your joint movement which also contributes to you having less pain, increasing joint longevity, and helping you move with freedom and ease


Why is this useful? Why should I do FRC training?

FRC is useful for anyone who wants to move as our bodies intended us to! It will make you better at:

  • Yoga

  • Running 

  • CrossFit

  • Pilates 

  • Barre 

  • Strength training 

  • Any sport like football, golf, dancing, soccer, tennis, basketball, ANY SPORT!


I’m not an athlete, why should I do FRC?

  • Decrease/slow down arthritis 

  • Keep your joints Young and vibrant

  • Prevent joint replacements due to arthritis 

  • Maintain lifelong physical independence 

  • Stop feeling so “stiff” and “tight” all the time

  • Learn how to assess your own body and increase physical awareness of your movement capacity 


How is this different from personal training?

While I do incorporate FRC into my personal training sessions, most of my PT clients come to me for weight loss goals, so we are more focused on building muscle and losing fat.


With private FRC training, we are able to focus solely on increasing your individual joint strength at their short and long ranges. Our goal with FRC is slightly different, we are focused on increasing your ACTIVE ranges of motion and making you move and feel unstoppable. Because making lasting change in your tissues takes TIME, devoting an entire hour to mobility training is more effective (and ideal) than doing it for 10 min at the beginning of your workout.