Why choose RNB


"Self awareness is the golden key to making life changing decisions and sticking to them"

------- Dr. Prem Jagyasi

Have you ever said things like, " I know what to eat, i just don't do it" or "I want to lose weight but I can't stop eating X", or " I know my posture is bad and that's why my my back hurts". But do you know the WHY to any of those things? Whether you are training with me or getting treatment for a problem, my goal is to educate you on the WHY's and HOW's of how total health is achieved. When you know the why behind an exercise or treatment, you are more invested in it. Finding the WHY behind your current choices can impact your future choices. Also when you know they WHY you find the HOW. I want each of you to learn about your own body's needs and wants so you can find what nutrition and fitness philosophies work for YOU and YOUR LIFE! Learning about how human movement works (and how YOUR human moves!) will also give you the tools to be able to self assess your joints DAILY for their current level of health...  instead of waiting for something to fall apart. When you know more, you become an active independent participant in your health. 

My Vision

My vision is to bring you closer to TRUE SELF AWARENESS. I want to teach you how to be aware of how you move, how to be conscious of your thoughts (the positive and negative), and how to nourish your body mindfully with healthy foods. These are the pillars of optimal health and they are attainable and sustainable for everyone no matter where/when you begin. I want you to experience life feeling vibrant, not just "ok" or in survival mode. Trust the process, do the work, live your best life.